Work experience for 16-18s

Get the skills employers are looking for...

We all know the Catch 22 here. You need the job to get the skills and experience but the employer wants you to have these before they’ll give you the job.

To solve this issue, a Workpays Traineeship provides a quality training programme together with work experience opportunities. It focuses on giving you the skills and experience that employers are looking for. It prepares you for the world of work.

Traineeships are ideal if you’ve been applying for apprenticeships, but perhaps haven’t been making it through to interview. Or if you need to develop your confidence or experience to help you compete in the recruitment process.

What’s included?

A traineeship includes three parts:

  • Employability skills
  • English and Maths support, if needed
  • A high-quality work experience placement

How long is the programme?

Traineeships last for a minimum of six weeks and a maximum of six months. The content tailored to your individual career goals. The length of the programme will depend on you and your experience

You won't receive any pay as a trainee, but you’ll be able to develop your skills and confidence in a real workplace, whilst being supported by professionals from Workpays.

You’ll undertake work experience with an employer who will encourage you to get involved with lots of different activities to help you become ready for work. You won’t be doing mundane tasks. The whole idea is that you find out what it’s like to do a real job and to help you to prepare for the world of work.

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