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Workpays is committed to a positive policy of equal opportunity and strives to support learners wherever possible.

We also has a duty of care to learners and endeavour to ensure that the wellbeing and health and safety of them are a priority at all times. Staff recognise and accept their responsibility to develop awareness of risks and issues involved with safeguarding.

The company also recognises that it has a responsibility to protect staff from unfounded allegations of abuse and is committed to working with external agencies to ensure safeguarding of its learners.

This policy is reviewed annually, or when new legislation/best practice is released.  If you need to speak to someone at Workpays about safeguarding issues please contact Tina Patel - 07964 396786


Our Safeguarding Policy


The key commitments of Workpays Ltd.’s policy for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults are:

  1. Workpays Ltd is committed to building a 'culture of safety' in which young people and vulnerable adults are protected from abuse and harm in all areas of its service delivery.

  2. Workpays Ltd is committed to responding promptly and appropriately to all incidents or concerns relating to the Health, Safety and Welfare of Learners that may occur and to work with statutory agencies in accordance with the procedures that are set down in 'What to do if you are worried a Child is being abused' (DCSF 2006).

  3. Workpays Ltd is committed to promoting awareness of safeguarding issues throughout its training and learning programmes, in particular at induction and through progress reviews. It is also committed to empowering all learners by promoting and reinforcing their rights to be safe and listened to.

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