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Biggest careers webinar is back!

This March, the Big Assembly is back again – but this time, it is in the hands of the apprentices.

The Big Assembly is a live video stream to thousands of students across the UK wanting to find out what an apprenticeship could mean for them. The apprentices holding The Big Assembly 2019 will be telling you about how to apply to an apprenticeship and what the process is like, what it’s like to be an apprentice and what your career holds at the end of the apprenticeship. 

Brought to you during National Apprenticeship Week (4th– 8th March 2018), the Big Assembly aims to get thousands of people online at the same time to learn about how the engineering industry affects them.

Schools, young people, parents, careers advisors and employers from across the nation are invited at 10.30am, on 4 March 2019 to take part in The Big Assembly.

Viewers will see apprenticeships like they never have before, finding out what it’s really like to be an apprentice by splitting the ‘apprenticeship journey’ into three stages, with real insights from YAAN’s and opportunities for students, teachers and parents to ask questions which could be answered during the live feed. Ther will also be access to case studies which have been completed by employers and apprentices.  Big Assembly viewers will have access to these before anyone else.

Promoting the event

You can help by promoting this.  Please mention @workpays and @BigAssembly to increase engagement on Twitter!  There's a useful giude to using Social Media for this purpose and a handy poster.  Just click on the links below.

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