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Impartial information

Workpays is the National Apprentice Service representative across the Midlands.

We support 650 schools, 30,000 students and 1,300 teachers to understand more about Apprenticeships and Traineeships, as a positive career entry point and alternative to university.

Impartial information for students aged 15 to 18

  • Assemblies

    Workpays presentations are interactive, providing opportunities for students to ask about anything they are unsure of and find out what it’s really like to begin their career through an apprenticeship or traineeship.

  • Group sessions

    Students meet with other like-minded people in an engaging and informative session culminating in registering on the Governments’ ‘Find an Apprenticeship’ portal.

  • Applications

    Supporting Students to seek out and apply for suitable traineeship and apprenticeship vacancies.

Training for Teachers

Workbooks and lesson plans to provide everything a teacher needs to deliver Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge

Support at events

Providing free objective information about apprenticeships from intermediate level to degree standard.

* ASK is funded by the National Apprenticeship service and the Department for Education.


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